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hmm, a bio, huh?

i'm not a big fan of bios. the need for a detailed elaboration of the people you've studied under and performed with, places that you've premiered works, etc. seems secondary to me to how a specific piece of music/art, performer or performance touches you. how it feels and tastes. where it takes you.

however, for anyone interested in what events in my life may have influenced the images and sounds on this site, here goes...

currently, i'm a composer of music which would most likely be stuck into the “jazz” and “contemporary classical” buckets. occasionally, the “rock,” “blues” or “noise” buckets. i’m not so fond of compartmentalizing things – life rarely fits cleanly into little boxes. human beings certainly don’t, so why should their artistic endeavors? i recall a master class in college where the presenting musician said something to the effect of: “genres and styles are something that record stores use to figure out which section to stick you in.” yeah, i’m pretty much there.

i also take digital photos, frequently altering them using a variety of software packages. flashback (screen goes a little dark, misty and wavy; distorted, whole tone scale music; eerie sound effects): i carried a camera with me from pre-teens through my first years of college, when I traded the camera for a scientific calculator and a lot of math homework. my early style was very much in the “you must represent the image in excruciating detail” vein. i really don't have much to do with that approach anymore. my current photographic style has completely abandoned the need to represent anything accurately. most of the time these days i shoot images for what they can become vs. what they are.

in college, i started toward a computer/electrical engineering career. after two years and a co-op with a major computer manufacturer, music courses increasingly took over my class schedule. i finally transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where i graduated with a degree in jazz composition. i can't say enough good things about Berklee. the time i spent there was, truly, one of the happiest, most rewarding periods of my life.

much of my time over the past few years has been devoted to spiritual growth. i subscribe to a philosophical model based on transpersonal psychology - essentially a psychological theory that spiritual development is an extension of what is regarded as “normal” psychological development. (a huge oversimplification, but useful in this context.) my approach is much more eastern than western: sort of a science- and other-belief-system-informed flavor of Buddhism without any ritual.

i try to live as gently as possible, striving to minimize, as much as i can, the damage i do in the process of existing. integral to this is avoiding causing physical pain or injury, but equally vital is avoiding inflicting psychological pain or injury. in pursuit of these goals, i try to think before i open my mouth, do something or write something. i don't always succeed at this, and even the best intentions sometimes go awry; in these cases, i attempt to repair the damage as soon as possible.

anyway, if you want a REAL bio – check out the images and audio on the site. my whole life is in there. it's all about how the work touches you. how it feels and tastes. where it takes you...


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